Texas X Rules

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Competitor Rules


1. This is an open tournament, traditional forms are not required.
2. Forms are judged on technique, intensity and complexity.
3. The first competitors to register will always compete last in their division.
4. Announcements are optional. If the competitor should choose to do an announcement it should consist of name, school’s name, style, and name of form if applicable before beginning their form.
5. The first three competitors will do their form and then sit down until being called back up to be scored.
6. In the case of a tie the competitor should do a different form unless it’s in the beginner or specialty division.


1. The first competitors to register get the bis.
2. Sparring divisions are single elimination.
3. Side coaching is not allowed in any language.
4. Fights run for two continuous minutes unless there is a five point spread.
5. Legal target areas are the stomach, chest, ribs, groin, and head gear. Face contact is not allowed in the Beg. and Int. divisions.
6. Light face contact IS allowed in ALL of the Adv. and B.B. divisions.
7. Even if a fighter is wearing a face shield, face contact is still not allowed in the underbelt divisions. The legal target area is anything covered by a Century student headgear.
8. Warnings are given for face contact, for excessive force, or for intentional leg or back kicks.
9. 1st warning one point is awarded to the other fighter. 2nd warning, the same. 3rd warning the fighter is disqualified.
10.Verbal warnings are given for going out of bounds, running from the fight, accidental low kicks or excessive contact that is blocked or doesn’t hit.
11.After two verbal warnings for the same offence one point will be awarded to the other fighter. At this point warnings will be added together and the fighter may be disqualified for an accumulation of different warnings.
12.There is no grey area the technique must make contact to receive a point.
13.Two out of three judges must agree for a point to be scored. If two judges agree that one fighter scored a technique, but one judge calls 1 point, and the other judge calls 2 points, the fighter is awarded 1point.
14.Kicking techniques are worth 2 points and hand techniques are worth 1 point.
15.Hammer fist strikes to the top of the head are not a point. No whacka-mole.
16.No blind techniques. The fighter must see his opponent before the technique makes contact. Spinning back fist are allowed if the fighter turns their head around first and recoils it.

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